Welcome back! I trust that you have all enjoyed a relaxing holiday.

Over the past few days James, Judith, Jane, Teresa, Paul and Brett have been at the Search Associates Recruitment Fair here in Bangkok. We were very successful with our recruitment and NIST appears to be a very popular place to work!
We appointed Niamh Dickson to the role of Elementary Counsellor. Jen Abreu will be moving to the Secondary School next year to expand her field of experience. We have also appointed a teaching couple, Ben Charpentier and Leesa Chisholm who are working at smaller international schools here in Bangkok. Leesa and Ben will join us, along with Kevin Hall, for the weekend reading workshop with Stephanie Harvey and Debbie Miller.
The recruitment fair brings a significant number of educators to the city and we receive numerous requests for school visits. Tomorrow we will welcome the following the visitors to the Elementary School.
  • Chris Boreham (Primary Principal, Luanda International School, Angola)
  • Joanna Johami (International School of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Niamh Dickson (American School of Kuwait)
  • Martin Hall (Director, International School of Tanganyika, Tanzania)
  • Leah┬áIttner and Carlos Villalobos (WAB International School, China)
Welcome to Sara Larrington and Caroline Scott
As mentioned at the end of last term, Sara has been employed in the LS Dept to take over from Devon and Caroline will be taking over from Jessica in Y6. There is a generous transition period for both Sara and Caroline to allow them to get to know the students.
New Student Orientation
A quick reminder that we will be meeting new students at 8am Monday morning.
Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.38.56 PM
Please email Kate, Jane and me when your learning profile comments are ready for us to read.
Have a fantastic first week back!