I am hosting a Supperclub this Saturday and we still have a few spots left. Read on for more info.

Supperclubs are unique dining events and very popular in Europe – a cross between a dinner party and a restaurant. The only difference between our dinner and an expensive high street establishment is that you dine in the relaxed, informal atmosphere of the chef’s dining room, at the same table as your fellow diners and you bring your own wine. Oh…. The price is kinda different too.


Vedge In Supperclub is about showing our guests unique plant-based dishes that no conventional restaurant in Bangkok is doing yet. This is the place that chefs can experiment to their heart’s content with unique ingredients and unusual combinations. This menu contains 6 courses and includes 1 liqueur digestif.  What’s on the exact menu? You’ll find out on your arrival!

The price of this event is 1,500 THB/person. Unfortunately there are only limited spaces available, based on a first come first served basis.

Let us know well in advance if you have food allergies, certain food hatreds or specific dietary requirements so that we can prepare a suitable plant-based alternative for you.

To book a spot at our Supperclub, email Brighde breed@nist.ac.th

Date: Saturday 16th January

Time: 7pm