The NIST Makerspace is continuing to gain momentum as teachers work with students each lunchtime. Year 2 and 3 students can sign up for Makerspace sessions from 11.50am – 12.15pm each lunchtime, while Year 4, 5 and 6 students can sign up for sessions from 12.10pm – 12.40pm. Students sign up ‘old school’ style using the papers attached to the Makerspace door. Sessions include crafts and weaving with Ms Karen and Ms Dianne, MaKey MaKey with Ms Tosca, wearable technology with Ms Sara, Minecraft and programming with Mr Reid and Mr Brian, and Robotics with Mr Glenn. Several students who have previously attended other sessions and who have gained skills, come in to work on their ongoing projects.

One of the models we are using regularly in the Makerspace is the THINK – MAKE – IMPROVE process. Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to solve real problems that are meaningful to them.

Teachers are welcome to come and take part in any of lunchtime sessions to up-skill themselves. Eventually we would love to see classes using the Makerspace as part of their classroom learning.

This week we had a new addition to the Makerspace, Edison. Edison is a fully programmable robot that can be programmed using the iPad. It is also lego compatible, so can be used in conjunction with the lego we already have.

Currently we have 10 Edison Robots, along with 15 MaKey MaKey kits. If you would like to introduce Edison or the Makey MaKey to your class, please have have a chat to Tosca or Glenn.

Come and join us in the Makerspace!