What? The Staff Social Committee brings you ConnectedNist & WellNist all in one, in the form of Secret Admirer’s Week, an opportunity for you to feel appreciated and in turn appreciate a colleague. NIST is a big & busy place and we don’t often get the chance to connect with others across the school.

When? February 8th-February 12th

Who? All academic and office staff

How? You will find a form in a basket at one of three places: Elementary Office, Secondary Office or Mechai Learning Commons (Elementary Library). You can also print the form or fill it in digitally.

Please complete it by Monday February 1st and put it in the marked basket in either Elementary/Secondary office/Mechai Learning Commons. You can also email your forms to either Tara (tholm@nist.ac.th) or Cristina (clandazabal@nist.ac.th).  You will be informed of who you will be admiring shortly after.

The concept? Everyday of this week (Feb 8-12) you will show your admiration.You can lavish your admiree with a simple message in the morning to have a nice day or have their favourite drink brought to them. Show your affections any way you want but try not to spend more than 200 baht per day. Be creative but be secret! 🙂

Please ask Cristina (ELE) and Tara (SEC) to assist you with deliveries, ideas or any other queries.

The finale? You will guess the identity of your secret admirer as well as reveal your secret identity to your admiree at the SSC TGIF on Friday the 12th of February where we can all connect with new friends. (This TGIF is the same day as our staff party so it will short and sweet).