Please help Tech Support discover and fix any outstanding issues with technology at NIST. The sooner you report, the sooner we can resolve.

Need to Know

  • Please report any/every issue you have with any technology assigned to you or your classroom or office by filling a Tech Support Request or by sending an email to
  • Even if you have reported it some time ago and may have heard something was not fixable, please report the issue again.
  • Technology includes: AppleTV, Airplay, speakers, document projectors, LCD projector, SMART Board, FrontRow, Macbook Air, any NIST site, turnitin, ipads, iPad carts, and desktop computers.

Nice To Know (optional to read on)

Since I started as Director of IT in January, I have been working on various projects, and one of those is to ensure that our provided equipment for teachers fills a real requirement for student learning and is functioning well.

I will send some future communications about determining what is required and whether we feel that the current set of equipment is the correct equipment, but before we do that, we have the short term goal of making sure that all of the existing equipment is functioning and that teachers/staff are trained how to use.

Please consider ANY devices or procedures (or anything technology related) that have any issues (new or unresolved). If you can think of any issues, please report them by filling a Tech Support Request or by sending an email to It is also possible that you can speak directly to me, any tech support staff or any Digital Learning Coach.

Understandably, this will create a volume of requests in our system, so it could take a bit of time for a final resolution, but we promise that you will receive some attention within a day for urgent items and within a week for non-urgent.

When considering devices, here are some things to consider:

  • FrontRow (issues with batteries, how to use, etc.)
  • speakers (not work, cables, how to use)
  • projector brightness (we are planning to make a study of each room, but it would help to know if yours is very dim, cables, how to use)
  • SMART Board (as a touchscreen, calibration issues, height cables, how to use)
  • desktop classroom computer
  • Macbook Air laptop (speed, updates, software, etc.)
  • ELE Specific
    • laptop carts
    • ipad carts (covers, lock not working, chargers not working, etc.)

Jay Priebe
Director of IT (Information Technology)