Dear Elementary and Secondary Staff,

We still have available spots for Friday March 11 – please email if you’d like to attend!

Linda Metcalf is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a former junior high school teacher, elementary school counselor and currently a lecturer at the University of Texas at Arlington in the Department of Education.
The day’s workshop will focus on how to deal with behavior problems & create a more productive teaching environment in which students begin their own change process by focusing on success rather than failure.

You will be introduced to the ideas of Solution Focused Practice. This is an approach which was developed for use in therapy with individuals and families but also has many applications in teaching and working with students in the classroom. The workshop will present step-by-step guidelines for recognizing students’ abilities & show how to help those struggling with destructive behaviors. 
Those new to Solution Focused Approaches will find it different in its choice to focus questions on possibilities, solutions and the future rather than asking about problems and their roots in the past.
Participants will learn some of the thinking behind this approach but the main focus of the day is practical. Experiential exercises will give participants the chance to practice the questioning styles they have learned and build the basics of a solution focused session.  The solution focused approach may be particularly useful for use with students who have had enough of talking about their problems, failures and shortcomings. Solution Focused approaches help to remind the teacher that students always have more strengths and resources than they are aware of and focusing on these can be a powerful tool for moving forward. 
Learning Objectives
• Learn to use language and a “yes-set” vocabulary to enhance student success.
• Identify achievable student goals.
• Enable students to identify their own solutions and facilitate change.

• Immediately implement flexible solution-focused techniques.