To be ready for next year’s cooler spell or for those students who like to have a jumper with them in the classroom a new NIST sweatshirt is being designed. The Secondary student Council have been working on this for quite a while and narrowed it to 3 possible designs. It will be a sweatshirt for the whole school and it is Elementary Students chance to have their say.

All Homeroom teachers are being asked to survey their classes, there are 3 possible designs (each will be available in 2 colours). Please ensure your students only vote once and yes I know how tricky this can be!  Your totals should then be added to a master spreadsheet that has been created .   Please complete this by lunchtime on Thursday.

I will forward the email from Secondary but have added key information here.

I will also post the designs onto the student blog.

Thanks for your support.

Final Designs