Please be prompt as we have a lot to get through in this session we will start at 2.45pm.

All Elementary Homeroom teachers and all Specialist teachers are needed for today’s staff meeting in Chalongkwan.

Please note World Languages teachers who are needed in Secondary today for Gradebook training I will organise a ‘catch up’ time with you before school at 7.10 am one morning so please go to Secondary.

Elementary WL teachers who are not involved in the Secondary training please come to Elementary Staffroom.

Today’s Tasks:

  • To clarify the process and the purpose
  • To consider ‘avoids’ – across the Year level and then within each Homeroom class
  • To add a broad academic level for each child (we do appreciate this is complex but we need you to synthesise the vast amounts of information and bring it down to a broad level)
  • To add a broad behaviour indicator for each child
  • To confirm Languages and names have been completed