The month of May is a month away! And along with flowers we are happy to tune you into the Mad Maker Month of May!

Thanks to Kate Grant for the wonderful idea of transforming the month of may into a making month! In May, we will offer workshops for teachers and parents on how to work with Edision Robots, MaKey MaKey, Scribble bots, wearable electronics and woodworking tools such as drills etc.. We will then provide lots of examples of how to use the Makerspace within the UOI.

The students have really started to own the space and create amazing things, such as; birdhouses, a miniature doll house, a frog tank, a movable boat, Minecraft designs, lego stop motion movies, friendship bracelets, banners and pendants, wearable tech, and more… We are excited as to what the month will bring!

Stay tuned for more information, sign-up forms and ways to get your learners involved! 🙂

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