Are you going to spend some time this summer exploring innovations in Education? Is social media one area that you are still looking to learn more about? Have you ever asked yourself any of the questions below?

#1. ​What is the potential of social networks in education?

#2. How do social networks help to the process of teaching and learning in the classroom?

#3. How old would be appropriate to include social networks in the classroom?

#4. What are the main difficulties faced by teachers using social networks in class?

#5. What risks should be avoided? ​

#6.  Is it necessary for teachers to have more training to make good use of social networks in class?

#7. Are there better or worse social networks for education?

#8. What are some examples of an educational methodology using social networks?

#9. I need advice! I still feel apprehensive about starting with social media!

#10. What is the future of social networks in education?

If you are interested in learning the answers to these questions you can read this 7min blog post HERE, or visit the guide for social media in schools HERE, or send an email to your coaches, we would love to help you!

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