Need To Know

As you near the end of report card period for semester two…

  • Please enter required grades/comments/effort by the due date according to programme and subject.
  • There are several “SEC-Missing …” reports in VC to help you find grades/comments that still need to be filled.
  • Reports are due at 14:30 on 7 June 
  • Reports will be proofread at 14:30 in departments on 9 June (please include PP and EE in your proofreading)
  • Students will proofread on 10 June
  • Reports are published @ 16:00 on 13 June
  • If you have a student who left fewer than 4 weeks ago or who arrived more than 4 weeks ago, you can still see their assignment scores on the reports page (click on Grade Detail Report).
  • Special circumstances – If a student arrives less than 6 weeks before the end of the reporting period, there is no report. (i.e. it should not be filled. It will be turned off for the parent)
  • Special circumstances – If a student arrives more than 6 weeks before the end of the reporting period, teachers should include the requirements above. Teachers may put N/A for some criteria and use modified grade boundaries for Overall Achievement. Discuss this with MYP Coordinator.
  • It is important to get your MYP criteria levels of achievement done by the due date. For MYP, IT will create the calculated Overall Level of Achievement for MYP classes at 7:00 on 8 June. If you have not entered all your MYP criteria grades by that time, you will have to change the Overall Grades by yourself (and there could be mistakes if you only have some criteria scores filled and some not filled.). For cases where a student needs scaled boundaries, please pre-fill the Overall Level of Achievement, and IT will not overwrite the pre-filled grades.
  • The protocols for report writing can be found here.
  • Feel free to drop by the IT office or send an email if you have any further questions.

Nice To Know

Additional to above, consider this on 6 June.

At 7:00 8 June, all MYP Overall LOA for classes will have their overall calculated grade copied into the Posted Letter Grade field. In other words, the grade of 6.0 will be copied from the grey area into the drop down (as a 6) for S2-SEC.

  • ***If you already will have entered the drop down yourself, we will not overwrite.
  • If you are sure you will be done entering ALL criteria scores by that time, you have no reason to read on.
  • If you change a criteria grade from this moment on, you will need to adjust the overall grade in the drop down (if the crit LOA change causes an Overall LOA change).
  • If you end up being only partially finished entering criteria scores, the Overall LOA will be wrong, and you will need to change manually.
  • If you will still be entering criteria grades, the grade in the Overall LOA will be wrong and will need to be done manually by you after you enter the criteria grades.