I am an excited volunteer to transport Jessie (and hopefully Marilyn & Slipknot) to their new homes in Seattle, WA, USA when I leave on 19 June!  There are several organizations in Thailand that rehabilitate neglected soi dogs and cats and find homes for them all over the world!  BUT, they must get them there.  Here is where we come in: If you are taking an airline flight and are willing to allow a dog/cat to fly under your name, you can be a part of all this wonderfulness!  You have to do almost nothing.  Just provide your flight information.  They do EVERYTHING else!  They take the dog to the vet for final shots and flight authorization, arrange with the airlines and pay the fees, do all the paperwork.  The animal does not count as a piece of luggage.  You show up and check in like normal.  They will meet you at the checkout counter with the animal.  The only thing you do is pick the pet up from the oversized luggage area when you get your luggage at your destination.  Then you wheel it out to a screaming and crying excited new family!  Pretty cool!!!  They need people flying all over the world on a regular basis.  But right now especially need people going to: USA (New York, Seattle, LA), Canada (Toronto), Sweden, Denmark, France, Amsterdam, Austria, and Germany.

If you are interested, contact Tori at 0830828825 or Line-torij89 or tori.89@hotmail.com or Tori J. on Facebook.  This is a legit thing and there are past volunteers you can talk to.  Here are a couple websites of the organizations working together to make this happen.

Please forward this information to other people.  Meet Jessie, Marilyn, and Slipknot – my companions home!



Shari Dixon