Author: First (Phodchara) Krishnapala

Dr Donna Will Visit NIST Nurse Room Today 3pm-4pm

“Dr Donna Will visit the NIST Nurse Room today from 3pm-4pm. Please just turn up for an appointment during this time or email MedConsult ( or Nurse Tennis ( beforehand to schedule an appointment. Dr Donna can provide general consultations, health check-ups, medical certificates, vaccinations (if requested beforehand), etc...

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Transport a soi dog/cat to their new home abroad!

I am an excited volunteer to transport Jessie (and hopefully Marilyn & Slipknot) to their new homes in Seattle, WA, USA when I leave on 19 June!  There are several organizations in Thailand that rehabilitate neglected soi dogs and cats and find homes for them all over the world!  BUT, they must get them there.  Here is where we come in: If you are taking an airline flight and are willing to allow a dog/cat to fly under your name, you can be a part of all this wonderfulness!  You have to do almost nothing.  Just provide your flight information....

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