Author: First (Phodchara) Krishnapala

DWBI Special Trip 2016 – overview and photos

On Saturday 28 May, the Dreams We Believe In group brought 65 children and 5 house mothers from Baan Gerda to Safari World for a full day, fun-filled event. Both students and staff from the NIST community joined the trip in order to connect and create new friendships with the kids from Baan Gerda. The trip was made possible due to the funds raised through the Dodgeball Tournament in March. A big thank you again to the 100+ students and 20+ teachers who registered for the DWBI Dodgeball Tournament. It is because of you that the kids got to enjoy their first ever visit (for most of them) to Safari World. The NIST drivers, Khun Arom and Khun Vee left Bangkok late afternoon on Friday, and spent the night at Baan Gerda in Lopburi, so that they could leave at 5.30 am on Saturday. They reached Safari World at around 10 am. The DWBI students first made sure each kid had a snacks/drinks/water pack.  Then they went back on the buses to go on a 45-minute Open-Zoo Safari Tour where they could get a close up view of all kinds of free roaming animals such as rhinos, giraffes, tigers, zebras, bears, etc. They then enjoyed a delicious lunch buffet. The afternoon was spent seeing various animal and stunt shows. In the end, everyone had an amazing time, and we feel that we have...

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Reporting – Semester 2 (SEC)

Need To Know As you near the end of report card period for semester two… Please enter required grades/comments/effort by the due date according to programme and subject. There are several “SEC-Missing …” reports in VC to help you find grades/comments that still need to be filled. Reports are due at 14:30 on 7 June  Reports will be proofread at 14:30 in departments on 9 June (please include PP and EE in your proofreading) Students will proofread on 10 June Reports are published @ 16:00 on 13 June If you have a student who left fewer than 4 weeks ago or who arrived more than 4 weeks ago, you can still see their assignment scores on the reports page (click on Grade Detail Report). Special circumstances – If a student arrives less than 6 weeks before the end of the reporting period, there is no report. (i.e. it should not be filled. It will be turned off for the parent) Special circumstances – If a student arrives more than 6 weeks before the end of the reporting period, teachers should include the requirements above. Teachers may put N/A for some criteria and use modified grade boundaries for Overall Achievement. Discuss this with MYP Coordinator. It is important to get your MYP criteria levels of achievement done by the due date. For MYP, IT will create the calculated Overall Level of Achievement for MYP classes at 7:00 on 8 June. If you have not entered all your MYP criteria grades by that...

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Student Lastnames Removed from Google

Need To Know We have removed Lastname for student names in Google to show just first initial of lastname. This is for YouTube, GMail, Google Classroom, etc. Veracross will still contain full last names. Please let us know if this causes any inconvenience. Nice To Know It has come to our attention that every student’s youtube channel now displays their firstname, lastname, and photo. This goes against our Online Guidelines that parents sign every year at re-enrollment time. These guidelines state that we will not put firstname, lastname and photo online. So, to fix this, we changed last name from Lastname to show just first initial of lastname in Google for students (not staff) which will make it disappear from YouTube, GMail, Google Classroom, etc. So, in GMail, here is the effect on you if you search for a student’s email address. Instead of seeing student lastnames, you will see...

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